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Monday, September 13, 2010

The Actual Life List (and last post for today... maybe... I'm making up for lack of posting yesterday. Yeah, that's it)

You’ve talked about your life list, but what’s actually on it.

Part of me wants to tell you that my life list is a private thing and I don’t need to itemize out every single thing on it. But isn’t this whole blog about my life list (among other things)? And if I’m blogging about it, and want to live my most authentic life, I should probably be candid about my list.

Disclaimer: Some items on the list will be redacted, insofar as they’re just too personal to be in such a public place.

  1. Learn how to make a chevron pattern friendship bracelet. DONE
  2. Make those friendship bracelets for my friends.
  3. Go back to San Francisco and visit all the touristy places I missed the first time I was there.
  4. Visit Seattle
  5. Visit Colorado (I’m thinking Boulder)
  6. Get my passport
  7. Get divorced (about ½-way there… paperwork is done, etc)
  8. Own an outrageous and unnecessary red dress
  9. Have the fairy princess wedding of my dreams (I don’t actually have “wedding dreams,” but I’d like to have “the show.” I eloped the first time)
  10. Host an adult dinner party.
  11. Cook a five-course gourmet meal.
  12. Eat Chinese food in bed with The Boyfriend™ (maybe even feed it to each other)
  13. Be passionately kissed in the rain.
  14. Travel through Europe.
  15. Hike the Appalachian Trail.
  16. Take a road trip whose sole purpose is to stop at every tourist trap and historic landmark along the way.
  17. Go to New Orleans.
  18. [Redacted – I considered leaving it, but this one is just this side of too personal]
  19. Go back to college and earn my degree in something useless, like business.
  20. Be recognized for my art.
  21. Be a published author (specifically with books that are written and illustrated by me).
  22. Make my own pottery
  23. Learn how to sculpt
  24. Learn how to salsa dance – for real.
  25. Learn how to properly cook five French dishes (two of these are done).
  26. Visit an ashram in India.
  27. Visit India
  28. Visit China.
  29. Ride in a hot air balloon (I have a late appearing mild fear of heights, so this will kill a couple birds with one stone).
  30. Visit Africa.
  31. Make my own ice cream.
  32. Make my own olive oil infusions.
  33. Attend Burning Man.
  34. Go to Macchu Picchu.
  35. [Redacted – it’s in my journal, but too personal for the blog]
  36. Learn how to speak Italian
  37. Learn how to speak German
  38. Learn how to speak Spanish
  39. Own a Craftsman-style house.
  40. Learn to crochet.
  41. Crochet an afghan.
  42. Get my nose pierced.
  43. Photograph indigenous people in Africa, Burma, Sudan, Bali, and the Easter Islands.
  44. Attend a drum circle.
  45. Visit Tibet.
  46. Ring in the New Year in Times Square.
  47. Taste 50 different types of rum (I’m up to eight, so far).
  48. Visit Hadrian’s Wall.
  49. Visit Stonehenge.
  50. Take a trapeze lesson.
  51. Have truffles in Paris.
  52. See the aurora borealis.
  53. Learn how to process my own film.
  54. Kiss the Blarney Stone.
  55. Contemplate my navel – or figure out exactly what that means (I looked it up, so I know what it means. I only consider this one ½ done).
  56. Go two weeks without a clock or calendar.
  57. Learn how to juggle.
  58. Learn how to belly dance.
  59. Become a licensed massage therapist.
  60. Work for Doctors without Borders.
  61. Grow my own herbs from seed to plant – without killing them (I’m on attempt 2)
  62. Grow my own vegetables (Thanks to The Boyfriend™ for starting this one for me)
  63. Cook a meal using only the herbs and vegetables that I grow.
  64. Put on my own gallery show, sell the art, and donate the proceeds to charity.
  65. Make a decent living from my art, be it through gallery shows, Internet sales, etc.
  66. Learn basic metal smithing.
  67. Make my own metal jewelry.
  68. Get a postcard from 20 different countries.
  69. Take The Boyfriend™ home for Halloween (we have a trip planned for mid-October, because I happen to be going to a trade show during that time. I’m going to count this one as done, once we go and come back). Done (10/16/10)
  70. Go on a [redacted] getaway weekend with The Boyfriend™ and [redacted].
  71. Get an iPhone, iPad and a Macbook (yes, I’m an Apple fanboy)
  72. Make my own clothing that I would actually wear in public.
  73. Buy an African Violet and keep it alive.
  74. Planet lavender by my front door – keep it alive.
  75. Learn to ask for help – and ask for it.
  76. Own and wear a traditional Indian sari.
  77. Make kites from newspaper and fly them with my kids.
  78. Make a fort in my living room with my kids. (DONE)
  79. Have a spa and makeover day with The Best Friend®
  80. Make a pinhole camera and take pictures with it.
  81. Take my own breath away.
  82. Quit smoking.
  83. Learn how to say “kiss me” in ten languages.
  84. Learn how to say “I love you” in ten languages (DONE).
  85. Tell my kids I love them in ten languages.
  86. Write and illustrate a childrens’ book based on my gram’s childhood. Get it published.
  87. Read War and Peace – from start to finish.
  88. Understand algebra.
  89. Jump in puddles with my kids (DONE)
  90. Learn woodworking and build my own furniture.
  91. Bake my own bread (DONE)
  92. Own a Chincoteague pony.
  93. Find and buy a Duaflex camera (DONE)
  94. To finally believe that I am, in fact, an artist.
  95. Taste 100 microbrew beers.
  96. Live off the grid.
  97. Learn to live simply.
  98. Be a bartender (I don’t know why, but the idea appeals to me).
  99. Make a tutu and wear it.
100. Design and build my own web site.
101. Learn to play the violin.
102. Learn ASL.
103. Learn to play the guitar.
104. Have a dance party with my kids, in the living room.
105. Make a thousand paper cranes (I have 21 done).
106. Make an oaktag crown.
107. Learn five new origami folds.
108. Make my own ricotta cheese.
109. Make my own lip balms
110. Travel to Turkey
111. Go to a Rainbow Gathering
112. Learn how to weld.

I am nowhere near done adding to the list, but this is a good start.

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