Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Things I'm Grateful For - Part 1

Along with the "blogs of substance" and the updates on my life list, I also want to talk about my spiritual journey. I've had quite a few conversations with Miguelito, over the tenure of our friendship, about the nature of God, spirituality and how we can all have conversations with God (Miguelito is not frustrated with my circular conversational style, bless him. On top of being able to understand my non-linear "logic," he occasionally watches me down 12 shots of tequila, drunk text everyone in my phone book, throw up 8 of the 12 shots and then pass out on his lap. That's friendship, my friends).

Part of my journey is learning how to be grateful for what is, right now, not what I wished and wished and wished for and has finally come true. It's hard to be grateful for the here-and-now, especially when the here-and-now is rather bland or routine.It takes a fair amount of patience (which I lack) and skill (again -- something I lack) to not look forward or behind, to not focus on results and to merely be. Thankfully, the God* I know is patient with process and understands that I will most definitely fall.

Heart-shaped leaf. Photography by me

When I think about my spiritual journey and my progress on my path, my thoughts invariably turn to my friends. People like The Best Friend® and Miguelito -- the only two people who know absolutely all there is to know about me, and the only people I would trust with that knowledge. Or Adrienne, who I can still count among my friends even though we'll go literal years without speaking to one another, and who is the keeper of the closet where I hide many of my skeletons. Then there's Mischka, who's kindness and selflessness got me through the last few and very difficult months back in Massachusetts.

And all my other friends, who would forgive me for not citing them specifically in this post, because they know that I would never, ever deliberately omit them... except for right now. And only because it's too early in the morning for rambling, run-on paragraphs. Not that they aren't worthy or good enough to be written about in rambling, run-on paragraphs, but only that I am tired and under-caffeinated to write the aforementioned paragraph.

These people are my chosen family. I could no more separate myself from them (even when they beg and plead for me to just leave them the hell alone already!) than I could my children. These people are my psychic innards.

Today, I am grateful for my friends.

*I do not used the word "God" typically here. When I say "God" I mean "the He/She/It that created us all, whether it be Allah, Jesus, Krishna, Buddha or Einstein." Basically, I use "God" for conversational ease.

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