Wednesday, September 29, 2010

You'll get nothing and like it!

Quick! Name the movie (see blog title for the quote).

Eventually, I think I'll have to set up some tabs or something for all the different themes I keep turning blog posts into. Today's theme: 12 Things... The "12 Things" series will be a list of -- you guessed it -- 12 things that I like, inspire me, aggravate me, make me smile or whatever other thing that I can list in 12 bullet points.

I'm all about the themes, y'all!

I've been having a rough couple of days. I've lost sight of my center and have felt rather wonky -- not to mention hive-y. Because I need a little positivity -- and because life is just a little too real right now -- my first 12 Things entry is...

12 Things That Make Me Happy

1. Rainy Days -- swear to God, I have the opposite of Seasonal Affective Disorder. I'm happier when it's cloudy and rainy perpetually than when it's constantly sunny. Yes, I am aware of the irony of my living in the Sunshine State. I am also aware that my living in Florida speaks volumes about my masochistic tendencies.

2. A Good Book -- I read a lot. No, I mean a lot. When I moved to Florida, I moved with 400 books -- and those were just the ones I couldn't bear to part with. So when I say "a good book" I don't mean the average good book. I'm talking about the book you just can't put down, even if not putting it down means that you're only going to get 3 hours of sleep the night before a big presentation at work, and that you can't stop thinking about during said presentation. The all consuming book.

3. Snuggling in Bed -- this one is new for me, but man alive! Do I love it -- especially when The Boyfriend™ and I wake up before the alarm and he grabs me and cuddles up again, and we both go back to sleep. Tied for first is when one or both of The Trolls sneak into my bed for a not-quite-awake-enough-for-breakfast snuggle. This is also the other reason I love weekends so much -- I can stay snuggled up until my bladder is near to bursting... or The Trolls get hungry.

4. When My iPod Gets the Shuffle Right -- most of the time, when I put my iPod on shuffle, it does horrible and unspeakable things to the combination of songs. Unholy unions between rock and classical; hip hop and alternative. I mean, it's to the point where I'm all, "Who the bloody hell put this tripe on here?!" But every once-in-a-while, the shuffle gets it so right and so perfect that I can't find a pen fast enough to write down the song order, so I can make a new play list.

5. A Good Cup of Coffee -- There is nothing like a bad cup of coffee to ruin a perfectly good day. The best way to start a day (other than morning nookie) -- a good cup of coffee.

6. The Zone -- you know that head space where everything clicks, colors blend, lines draw themselves, and words flow as if they wrote themselves? It's that place where you are no longer in control and it's the art that flows through you, as if Michelangelo possessed your body and your apartment is the new Sistine Chapel.

7. Life's Little Ways of Making You Smile No Matter How Crappy You Feel -- You know when you're having a really shit day and everything sucks out loud and you don't know whether you want to rip your skin off or cry yourself to sleep? Then, out of nowhere, you see a drunk guy on a bicycle or hear a toddler swear and you just HAVE to laugh.

8. My Yellow-Striped Pajama Pants - It's kind of silly, but those jammie bottoms are comfortable beyond all reason. Not only are they comfy, but I always feel sexy as hell when I wear them (I know! Right?!) What more could you ask for in a pair of pajama pants?

9. 3 AM -- There is something exquisitely empty about that time of day (night?). As a consummate night owl -- and a mildly agoraphobic one at that -- I appreciate those moments when the world feels beautifully and magically all mine.

10. Diffused Light in the Woods -- There's really no good way to explain this one; you'd really have to experience it first-hand, but there is a distinctly ethereal quality to the light in the woods. I want to live in that light all the time.

11. Fairies, Gnomes and Other Magical Creatures -- Supposedly they don't exist, but I'm not entirely buying it. And the idea that they might exist -- at least in someone's imagination -- is good enough for me. Maybe my nana read The Hobbit to me too many times.

12. Stolen Moments -- You know when you take a mental health day from work or when you leave the laundry in the drier? Those are the moments where you feel equally guilty and rebellious because you stole back your time from all of the shoulds and have tos, but you just couldn't resist. I try to steal as many of those moments as possible.

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