Thursday, September 16, 2010

Things I'm Grateful For - Part 5

The Boyfriend™ and I both stayed home from work today: he with a stomach bug and me with the beginnings of whatever's been going around my office... or it's PMS. It's hard to tell sometimes. 

In my opinion, the best place to fight off a cold or flu is on your couch, wrapped up comfortably (in your dingiest, most comfortable clothes), while you doze through a couple of a crappy movies. An even better place to fight off a cold? Wrapped up in bed with your beloved.


I took this picture just after waking up from my nap, while The Boyfriend™ was still dozing. It makes me smile. It boosts my immune system. It is generally good for my soul.

Today, I am grateful for the psychic chicken soup that is The Boyfriend™.

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