Monday, September 27, 2010

SAT Lesson: Bacon is to meat as marjiuana is to __________________

So yeah. You know that vegetarian thing I was attempting last week? It's not going so well. And by "not so well" I mean "I'm practically a carnivore." I was great for the first week, but then there was bacon. Then there was bacon wrapped scallops. Then, today, there was chili.

How could I have fallen so far and so fast? Why does meat have to taste so good?!

I'm not going to let a little set back like scallops and steak binge deter me from going vegetarian. I am simply going to start the clock over. My 30 days starts tomorrow (it can't start today, since I've already consumed more chili than is reasonable or sane).

And in other news...

I've hit a rut, artistically speaking. I've been feeling blocked for a week or two and just can't seem to unblock. This might have something to do with raging PMS, then my bout of scurvy/typhoid/malaria, then some other life issues cropping up; I just don't have the head space for art right now. There are too many have to's and shoulds in my life that are beyond my control (which is difficult for someone like me, who is a consummate control freak). So in an effort to not feel so chaotic and discombobulated, I am simply going to do what I can. No more, no less.

Which means, of course, that I'm going to try to do everything because sitting still makes me feel panicky and fidgety.

And I wonder why The Boyfriend™ has doubts about living with me.

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