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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Updates on Life List Goals #61 and #1

The purpose of the life list is to itemize those things you want to do in your lifetime... in no particular order. Writing the list is an exercise in free association: I want to do this, and then this. Oh! I want to do this, too!

Because my mind works in a rather sieve-like fashion, the smaller stuff tends to come out first. I get the crap out, then the significant thoughts are left there, to be sorted through and played with, like so many diamonds.

Which is why making a chevron pattern friendship bracelet was number one on my list. It's seemingly unimportance brought it to the top of the list.

...And I completed it last night!

The pattern is rather timing consuming and doesn't allow you to work in a normal linear bracelet making fashion. Which explains why the ability to make one has eluded me for so long. But it's done and I have a happy little check mark on my list.

I do so love check marks in boxes, signifying completion of an objective. I may even get a check mark as a tattoo.

I'm attempting goal #61 -to grow my own herbs from seed to plant- again. My first attempt was foiled due to some nefarious fire ants and my need to kill them. The poison must've gotten into the plants. Unfortunately, fire ants are nothing if not pervasive, so my need to kill them is an on-going battle. Que sera, sera.

This time, my strategy has changed, too. More herbs, more pots, keeping the whole set up off the ground. The rosemary in this picture is obviously not a seed, but I like rosemary and wanted it. Besides, I think it adds a little something to the overall "look." I am nothing if not in tune with overall "looks."

Interesting point about growing in Florida: you can plant as late as September. I have finally found a reason to be grateful for this constant heat!

Keep your fingers crossed for my little seeds!

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