Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I'm having another go at this constant blogging thing

I'm utterly and entirely kaput in the body. My brain is begging me to please go to sleep, except that it won't shut up long enough to let me drift off into the land of nod. It's especially active and I feel another creative ADD surge coming on.

On the subject of Tuesdays, I think the best way to write about them is to write about experiencing them. Today, for instance, was not a very good Tuesday -- at least not at the beginning. But the end of the day was surely pleasant and there wasn't too much bad that I couldn't grace my way through. There was also much laughter to juxtapose against the frustration. I found myself saying, more than once, "at least it's not Monday."

...I wonder what that really says about Tuesdays.

I'm also sorely addicted to LinkedIn these days. Mostly because it's positively brimming with articles and essays and other 21st century marketing and selling and business stuff that is equal parts day-job related and night job related. I am dying to try some of these things out, for sure.

In the mean time, I'm enjoying my two blessed testosterone free hours to focus on my to-do list. I've broken the bugger down into day-by-day increments, which seems like the thing you should do. But it's my weekly to do list that I've broken down. Just stuff I want to get done this week... I break it down into daily segments so I don't beat myself up too much when I don't accomplish something on any given day.

I have yet more stuff planned for the Etsy shop. Yes, I do, my lovelies. I'm going to stock it to the rafters and then I'm going to market the holy hell out of it. Why? Because as much as day jobs pay the bills, I really don't want a day job that's on somebody else's terms. I've only got this one life to live and I really don't want to look back on it and say, "Gee! I was a good company girl!" No! I want to say that I lived it fiercely, fully and to the best of my ability.

...I may have gotten off to a late start on the whole fiercely and fully part, but I've still got decades to make up for it (God willing and the river don't rise, as my nana likes to say).

I'm off to go play on www.moo.com. That's a hint about possible Etsy products, in case you were wondering.

Love and light, y'all!

Monday, February 27, 2012

David Tennat is my favorite Doctor -- otherwise known as The Reason I Accomplished Nothing this Weekend

subtitled: the longest blog title in the history of blogging.

Go me!

The Boyfriend™ and I moved the unused Wii into our bedroom this weekend (because we needed another non-sexual reason to not leave that room) for the sole purpose of having Date Night on the big bed while watching all manner of silliness on Netflix.

One trip to Wal-Mart for a new sensor bar and four hours later, date night was long past and The Boyfriend™ and I were queuing up Dr. Who (the 2005 version). Suffice it to say, we got nothing done yesterday because we were too busy catching up on the last seven years of Doctors nine and ten.

I have such fond memories of Dr. Who. I vividly recall watching Doctors 2 through 5 from the fort I made out of bed sheets and my nana's dining table. Parts of the show were scary to my young brain, but mostly I was fascinated by it all. I was sad when the series ended, but moved on eventually, in the way only children and The Ex can do. But the spark of love for all things Dr. Who and English was ignited and never died out.

So I was absolutely thrilled to accomplish nothing while spending all day in bed with my loves: The Boyfriend™ and David Tennant who, because I'm weird like that, makes my "Top Ten List of Men The Boyfriend™ Has to Let Me Sleep With if the Opportunity Ever Presents Itself":

Here's the official list, in case you were wondering:

1) Jason Varitek (I will marry that man. He just doesn't know it yet)
2) Johnny Depp (who doesn't love him?)
3) Chris Eccleston circa "Elizabeth" (he was one smoking villain, lemme tell you)
4) Neil Gaiman (don't judge)
5) Gordon Ramsey (seriously...)
6) Sully Erna
7) David Tennant
8) My high school British Writers teacher, Mr. Waters

I'm still keeping options nine and ten open at the mo'. Mostly because it's late, I'm tired and I have this wretched book about cooking I'm working on looming menacingly on the other screen.

Which leads me to the other ramble: writing. I seriously admire anyone who can muster up the sheer force of will to pay attention to a project long enough to produce a book. I have only about eighteen pages written (it's probably about 36 pages as it stands, but I haven't included the photographs in it yet -- mostly because I don't feel like cooking all that food right now). And while the subject matter is one that, in theory, should be easy enough for me to bang out, I'm getting bored of it.

And that's the problem, really. It's not so much that I don't know what to say or can't maintain the funny long enough, it's that I grow bored with cups of this and teaspoons of that. But I promised myself and my gram that I would finish one of these blasted books at some point and since the children's book is on sabbatical until I can figure out what to do about Tuesday, I have to focus on the cook book. 

It's times like these that I wish I was a little less ADD and a little more practical. But maybe all writers are like this? Who knows -- I don't know many writers. I just know that when my mom wrote her book, she was single minded in her focus. The Boyfriend™ has exhibited a similar sort of madness in just the edits of his book. So I suppose that writers do have ADD -- the hyperfocus part of it, anyway.

It doesn't help that the computer desk is smack dab in the middle of the house. Which is just another reason that I need a Macbook -- so I can run away and work on my book(s) in peace.

When I'm not glued to Dr. Who, that is.

Edit: Thank you, The Bloggess for reminding me that #9 on my list is Simon Pegg... God how I love that daft English man and his goofiness.

Edit #2: The number 10 spot goes to Christian Bale. And I'm done.

Monday, February 20, 2012

I am totally ahead of schedule!

I am The Boyfriend™ and Troll-free today. In other words, I am blogging NAKED! OK, not really... there's still a fair amount of self-loathing floating around my psyche, so even though I could be wandering around the house naked, I won't.

Now that we've cleared that up.

I rolled out of bed around ten this morning and got right to work. A ginormous cup of Earl Grey tea (we're out of coffee... God help me!) and I'm already one load of laundry and one completed web site into my day. I have a long list of stuff I want to get done today... a long one... including working on my book about cooking. I'm backburnering the children's book at the moment, because I have a raging case of writer's block. It sucks, but I'm not going to let it hinder the entire creative process. Besides, if I get this other book done, maybe it'll motivate me to stab that ugly beast called writer's block in the throat and get working on finishing that children's book up.

In other news, the site is done as it's going to get right now. I'm pretty happy with it, even if I did use a template builder thingy. I'd rather have it looking polished and professional with someone else's template, than half-assing a site because I have no idea how to build one. I say use the tools that are available to you.

I'm feeling very excited about this year. A ton of stuff planned and I'm feeling fairly motivated to get it all done. Having a Monday off definitely helps with things. I wish I had enough PTO available at work to make sure I had EVERY Monday off... but that would also mean I'm a bad, bad manager. Priorities and what-not. But even the annoying things like having a day job are bringing me closer to my goals. Which is awesome.

Go check the site out and let me know what you think: www.samandsady.com. Then check the shop out http://www.etsy.com/shop/SamandSady and buy some stuff already!

I have a few more ideas for photos-into-art in the hopper. It involves some traveling, but y'all know how much I love that. Stay tuned and keep the positive vibes flowing!

Love and namaste!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pro Tip: How NOT to Do Valentine's Day

I'll admit it: I love Valentine's Day. At my core, I'm a hopeless romantic and love everything to do with love. I used to pussyfoot around the topic and pretend it wasn't a big deal, but I got tired of being disappointed all the time.

When The Boyfriend™ and I first started dating, I was forthright about Valentine's day being a thing for me. He was pretty forthright about not liking it, so we found a compromise. We'd keep it small scale and homemade and call it a day. That lasted exactly ONE Valentine's Day.

The Nugget's birthday weekend was not cheap for either The Boyfriend™ or me, so I said "hey just make me a card." The Boyfriend™ was all "cool! " So this morning arrives and there's nothing. I figure he'll last minute it, but it'll be ready for me when I get home. He last minutes everything and I've gotten used to it.

The Boyfriend™ sent me an email late this afternoon of a screenshot of flowers and a "love you baby". I thought it was sweet... But something didn't feel right. I thought "uh-oh! This is his valentine... Grrreat."

Sadly, I was right. Worse, we're now fighting. Happy Valentine's Day.

Here's the thing guys: 363 days of the year you are under no obligation to make the woman you love feel special (you are obligated to make her feel special on her birthday, too). 364 days of the year you are under no obligation to make her feel like she's the most desirous, sexy thing in the world. When you're in a relationship that revolves around home, kids and work, there's not a whole lot of time to be romantic. That's what Valentine's Day is for. And for most women, all they want is to know the man they love cares enough to spend ten minutes getting a card or flowers. That ten minutes was put into a thought that resembled wanting to be remotely romantic.

And yes it's contived and obligatory. But when the rest of your life revolves around realities like pee on the toilet seat and runny noses, contrived and obligatory is a damn sight better than nothing at all.

And no. No an email at 3:30 in the afternoon does NOT cut it. Make the damn effort for the person... If for no other reason than to spare yourself from the argument later.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Home Again...

This was an awesome weekend. Not too much yelling done by this mama (though too much, if you ask The Trolls) and a The Boyfriend™ who has been sated by going to his mecca, Legoland.

This was definitely the embodiment a really good family getaway (with many, many thanks to The Boyfriend™'s boss for the room hook up). We didn't wander too far from the resort -- with pools, game rooms, community centers and a drum circle (which made this portion of the family ecstatic -- I dearly love drum circles!), there wasn't really a need. We pretended we were tourists, un-acclimated to southern weather and stayed poolside -- despite a weather forecast that now has me three layers deep, in a vain attempt to keep warm. And now we are home -- The Boyfriend™ outside (despite the temperature) working on the edits of his book, The Trolls ensconced in variations of play and this mama inside, doing her taxes and beginning work on her books.

Tomorrow it's back to the grindstone -- with work and school that need going to. The Nugget officially turns nine (ACK!) and we have another three-day-weekend to look forward to.

I am reminded of how blessed I truly am: I have Trolls that are happy, healthy and growing like weeds and a partner besides me, who has embraced this mess with gusto and claimed it as his own.  Despite wishing they were a tad more empathetic when I'm sick, I wouldn't trade this life we have for the world.

I wish you these kinds of reminders, too!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Kidani Village Resort

Oh... WOW!! This is how people should vacation... Safari animals outside your room, sounds of Africa and it's not TOO Disney-fied.

Thank you The Boyfriend™!

Pictures are Worth Some Amount of Words

We're at Legoland!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

I am tired and misspell things -- updates and news

We're off to Legoland tomorrow. The Boyfriend™ planned a lovely getaway weekend for The Nugget's birthday (ACK! My baby is going to be NINE on Monday! Shoot me now... because it'll save me from having to live through The Monkey turning THIRTEEN! I'm going to be a mother of a teenager!... Wait... that's not the topic... moving on)

I hope to post sporadic updates about our adventures this weekend. In addition to Legoland, The Boyfriend™'s boss sprung for a weekend at the Animal Lodge resort for us, so we'll be schwanking it up in Orlando after a long-ass day at Legoland. I don't know who's more excited -- the Trolls or The Boyfriend™.

Have I mentioned how much I love these boys of mine? Tons! Huge amounts of love -- and it compounds daily.

And some love for you -- there are new items at the shop! I was poking around the other day and realized that random strangers are favoriting some of paintings and handmade goods. If that isn't validation then I don't know what is. So get on over there and show me some more love, so I have JUSTIFICATION for quitting my day job.


I have a few more items that need to be posted, but it's wicked late and I'm making egregious spelling mistakes (except for when I spell things like "egregious" without aid of spell check or a dictionary. When I'm tired, I'm like the Rain Man of spelling... I tell you what), so it's best if I quit while I'm ahead. On the hit list -- making a facebook fan page for the etsy shop and promoting the hell out of.

I don't dig the corporate routine. So you should totally help me NOT have to be a drone anymore by buying my shit.

I have no idea how I turned a post about Legoland and my baby's birthday into a profanity-laced sales pitch, but I did. AWESOME!

Stuff like this (soon to be posted) -- you know you want it.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Troll Free Weekend = Sam & Sady Sweatshop!

(edit: this should have been posted late last week. It didn't go through)

The lighting in my studio is AWFUL at night (just enough to work by; not enough to take a decent photo), but I've been busy, busy, busy!

The Trolls are with The Ex for the weekend, and The Boyfriend™ is busy with his book, so I have nothing but time to crank out some more products for the etsy shop. I also have about four more paintings to put up there, which means it's about time to get serious about advertising and promotions!

(Insert crippling bout of nervousness here).

It's also time to get wicked excited! Send the light and love (shameless plug warning: and tell your friends to check it out - samandsady.etsy.com)

Radio Silence and Why Boys Make Crappy Nurses

This is me. This is me three days into what I can only assume is some manifestation of something tragically deadly and suitably Victorian (but not disfiguring). I feel like crapola.

I'm being a trooper though; going to work and being only slightly more dysfunctional than normal, coming home and cooking supper... You know. Usual Mom stuff. By the time we've eaten and I've used the last bit of stored energy to meekly insist The Trolls do their chores, I'm wiped out. So, of course, that's when The Trolls and The Boyfriend™ decide it's time to be assholes. And of course the brunt of it is at me. And of course none of them factor in that I'M DYING and just want to go to sleep now pleaseandthankyou. Oh and please excuse the hacking cough that can only mean I have whooping cough or tuberculosis or something equally wretched. I hope it didn't keep you up all night, too.

Being the only chick in a house full of dudes sucks anyway. Being the only chick in a house full of dudes when you're SICK is clearly karmic retribution for a grievous sin. Like murder level sin. As in Satan himself isn't this cruel.

I'm off to go make myself some tea and rub vicks on my chest. If I'm quieter than usual... Well, it's because I'm DYING.