Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Things I'm Grateful For - Part 2

I finally got a good night’s sleep last night. This is due in large part to having access to “my spot."

The Boyfriend™ is fuzzy. Also, that is a tattoo of a tree. It is not a weird vein-type-thingy.

Yes, I know it’s a picture of The Boyfriend’s™ shoulder-neck-armpit area, and yes, I know that’s weird. However, when we snuggle it’s the place my head fits best without cranking my neck at an odd angle, and it’s where I can hear his heartbeat best which, without fail, puts me to sleep every single time I put my head there. The Boyfriend™ has a very rhythmic and very soothing heartbeat. Oddly enough, his heartbeat is even kind of dreamy (…and in the distance, I can hear the sound of a thousand people gagging)

It’s also the same spot where I learned to be comfortable falling asleep while snuggling with someone other than my kids for the first time in my life.

On a different-but-sorta-related note, here’s a conversation between The Boyfriend™ and me, yesterday:
(As you may remember, The Boyfriend™ was away all weekend, the bastard, which resulted in my kinda sorta missing him a little bit a lot. This how we make plans to hang out. Also, we never talk on the phone – this is all over text message)
The BFTM: Still sleepy… need coffee!
ME: I feel your pain! I was hoping that you were all rested up… but, I guess I can wait one more day. L
The BFTM: Oh, I’m rested enough to chill!!
ME: Hmmm… I think I will have to take advantage of the “rested enough” part, and invade you like Germany invaded Poland. J
The BFTM: Poland was asking for it!
ME: See? My metaphor works! Hahaha!
The BFTM: Zzzz
ME: No!! No sleepiness!! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!! I need my spot!! LOL!
The BFTM: Haha!
The BFTM: Zzzzzz
ME: You know what? You can totally sleep. I’ll just be forced to pose you in amusing positions and take pictures of you for my blog, (PS: That’s what happens when you leave me to my own devices for a whole weekend – I start my own blog).
The BFTM: You have a blog??? Well… just don’t put lipstick on me and an arrow with a note ‘insert dick here’ because that would be rude.
ME: Yes. I started a blog. J Yes, you can read it. Hell, you can even comment. But I do mention you… I even think I referred to you as “dreamy” at one point (I blame the beer*).
Can I put lipstick on you as long as I leave out the arrow?
The BFTM: Hmmm… in my sleep?
ME: I could totally do it while you were awake! Then you could choose your color!
The BFTM: Something with glitter!
ME: Oh, I’ve got you covered! Can I do eye shadow, too, or is that pushing it?

Again, I must note: how can you not love a man who is willing to let you put lipstick on him so you can post a picture of it on your blog?!

*I keep blaming the beer. This is perfectly acceptable to me.

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