Sunday, July 10, 2011

I've been busy! Here is just a small sampling of the wearable fabric art that I've been creating over the last couple of days.

And even though I haven't officially posted anything for sale at etsy, I have the shop up!

I'm proud of myself for accomplishing this. I'm proud that I'm willing to put my art out there, at the risk of rejection, and make a go of it! I've always been my biggest critic, thinking that I'm just not good enough, or lack enough formal training, or whatever other self-defeatist thought I let prevent me from doing this.

But my dream, my goal, is to make a living from my art. WHEN we move to Mass, I want to be able to channel the ever present artistic soul of my beloved valley and create all the time. I want art to be my day job. So, at the end of the day, I have fed my heart and soul, so that I can nurture my beloveds the way they deserve to be nurtured.

I have no doubt that this will involve a lot of hard work, but the most rewardig things in life often do.

So... Why is my shop name "Sam and Sady" you might be wondering. Sam was my nickname when I was a wee thing, and my mom was letting me color on the walls. Sady is a combination of my first and middle initials, my last name, and is a nickname for Sarah, my given name. It's how I sign my canvases today. Sady is my artistic alterego. She's the one that demands that I create.

Sam and Sady are the beginning and present incarnations of me, and my love of art.

Besides, it's gotta a folksy, artistic ring to it. LOL!

I'm going to abuse my newly erected white box, so I can get some photos up on etsy. Keep checking my store for my latest creations...and thank you! Thank you for all the love and support and positive energy. I am immensely grateful!

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