Thursday, July 7, 2011 I didn't do the dishes, but I was productive...ish

The Boyfriend and I were supposed to have date night tonight, but he came home with a raging headache and I REALLY need to shave my legs, so we rain checked. As he zoned in front of the TV, I seized the opportunity t have some bonding time with my sewing machine.

I gotta tell you, my lovelies, I am completely enamored with this whole cloth bracelet thing. This picture doesn't do them justice, but I am made a couple more ultra cool, feminine-with-an-edge bracelets. The corsage looking one has a little skull button in the middle, which makes me giggle to no end, since the fabric used is more appropriate for an easter dress than being emblazoned with a jolly roger.

The other bracelet has a wicked awesome Alice In Wonderland bead attached, which makes it feel more like a watch. The D rings make it adjustable for different wrist sizes, so I'm thinking more of these are in order fir the etsy shop.

The only real problem with this kind of fashion is that it really is a one-off or, at best, a really limited edition run, simply because the beads and buttons aren't widely available. I'm almost OK with the one of a kind concept though.

Because The Boyfriend was Captain McSleepy Pants, and it was still fairly early, I tried my hand at some fabric rosebud rings tonight, too. Yeah, loving these like a fat kid loves cake!

All in all, I'm really excites about these! I'm gonna bang out a few more, get them photographed and start that etsy shop... Hopefully before someone else discovers the awesomeness of fabric jewelry!

The kitchen is still a mess, I can practically braid my leg hair, and I'm probably going to be late to work again, but it was totally worth it. I feel like I accomplished something tonight; something that brought me a step closer toward achieving The Two Year Plan.

Go me!!

And go YOU!! Your love and positivity Is flowing and I am riding high on that wave. I am immensely grateful for it, too. Keep it coming, please!

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