Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Resting, relishing, relinquishing

The Trolls are gome from their extended stay in Massachusetts. I missed them terribly, but I think we all needed a spell away from each other. Now that they're home, even with The Monkey's mouth in full-on puberty mode, I can't remember WHY I needed the break.

Routines have gone all wonky. The habits The Boyfriend and I were carefully cultivating over the past few weeks no longer apply. Well, that's not true; the habits are still applicable, they're just on hold while we relish the energy The Trolls brought home.

...Well, I'm relishing it. The Boyfriend is readjusting to it.

In the mean time, my gung-ho get my creative biz off the ground energy has waned, due in large part to energy levels being completely sapped (sparing the gory details, it's because my moon cycle is kicking my butt this month). I'm choosing to look at it as a natural process, rather than something to be frustrated over. This is a resting period and I must honor my body's needs, so I have more to give later. It's the ebb and flow of the wave that brings us to our ultimate goal - the successful realization of the two year plan.

While I'm in a waning period, I'm spending time absorbing my boys - all of them - and soaking up the family energy. The closeness and bond that was solidified in Massachusetts is still very much present, and in that energy, My mind floats forward, visualizing us in our new home, snuggling together in the winter, or planning camping trips in the summer.

Among it all is love - and lots of it - and it is good.

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