Monday, July 4, 2011

My latest obsession

I have this mild obsession with bracelets. I love them. I live the way my hands move when I wear them. I love the funky way they overlap and sit on the wrist. But I'm very picky about bracelets... Mostly because of the oddly shaped nature of my arms and hands (or what I consider to be oddly shaped nature).

Side note: I have a mild hand fetish. For a while in my life, hands alone could make or break a potential relationship. If I didn't like a person's hands, I couldn't date them.

So the other day, as I was looking at my scrapa of fabric and copious amounts of beads, I got it in my head that I wanted to make fabric bracelets. I wanted something funky, and just this side of steampunk meets shabby chic. My five minutes woelrth of Google searchig didn't yield a plethora of sites dealing in this type of fabric bracelets or tutorials on the matter, so I was left to my own devices.

This is what I came up with, so far, depending on the number of beads, they're pretty simple and quick to make. With my ultimate plan to open up an Etsy shop still rolling througb ny head, I may add these to my inventory.

The shop, BTW, is part of the Two Year Plan (and my plan to never work a day job again).

Hopefully, I'll find some more time to bang out a few more. And I may dip into savings to pick up some more steampunk-esque beads. I'm digging these a LOT though.

Happy fourth, to my American friends. May this day serve as a reminder of the quintessential American dream - to be independant from those who would keep us in shackles.

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