Thursday, February 9, 2012

I am tired and misspell things -- updates and news

We're off to Legoland tomorrow. The Boyfriend™ planned a lovely getaway weekend for The Nugget's birthday (ACK! My baby is going to be NINE on Monday! Shoot me now... because it'll save me from having to live through The Monkey turning THIRTEEN! I'm going to be a mother of a teenager!... Wait... that's not the topic... moving on)

I hope to post sporadic updates about our adventures this weekend. In addition to Legoland, The Boyfriend™'s boss sprung for a weekend at the Animal Lodge resort for us, so we'll be schwanking it up in Orlando after a long-ass day at Legoland. I don't know who's more excited -- the Trolls or The Boyfriend™.

Have I mentioned how much I love these boys of mine? Tons! Huge amounts of love -- and it compounds daily.

And some love for you -- there are new items at the shop! I was poking around the other day and realized that random strangers are favoriting some of paintings and handmade goods. If that isn't validation then I don't know what is. So get on over there and show me some more love, so I have JUSTIFICATION for quitting my day job.

I have a few more items that need to be posted, but it's wicked late and I'm making egregious spelling mistakes (except for when I spell things like "egregious" without aid of spell check or a dictionary. When I'm tired, I'm like the Rain Man of spelling... I tell you what), so it's best if I quit while I'm ahead. On the hit list -- making a facebook fan page for the etsy shop and promoting the hell out of.

I don't dig the corporate routine. So you should totally help me NOT have to be a drone anymore by buying my shit.

I have no idea how I turned a post about Legoland and my baby's birthday into a profanity-laced sales pitch, but I did. AWESOME!

Stuff like this (soon to be posted) -- you know you want it.

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