Sunday, February 12, 2012

Home Again...

This was an awesome weekend. Not too much yelling done by this mama (though too much, if you ask The Trolls) and a The Boyfriend™ who has been sated by going to his mecca, Legoland.

This was definitely the embodiment a really good family getaway (with many, many thanks to The Boyfriend™'s boss for the room hook up). We didn't wander too far from the resort -- with pools, game rooms, community centers and a drum circle (which made this portion of the family ecstatic -- I dearly love drum circles!), there wasn't really a need. We pretended we were tourists, un-acclimated to southern weather and stayed poolside -- despite a weather forecast that now has me three layers deep, in a vain attempt to keep warm. And now we are home -- The Boyfriend™ outside (despite the temperature) working on the edits of his book, The Trolls ensconced in variations of play and this mama inside, doing her taxes and beginning work on her books.

Tomorrow it's back to the grindstone -- with work and school that need going to. The Nugget officially turns nine (ACK!) and we have another three-day-weekend to look forward to.

I am reminded of how blessed I truly am: I have Trolls that are happy, healthy and growing like weeds and a partner besides me, who has embraced this mess with gusto and claimed it as his own.  Despite wishing they were a tad more empathetic when I'm sick, I wouldn't trade this life we have for the world.

I wish you these kinds of reminders, too!

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