Monday, February 20, 2012

I am totally ahead of schedule!

I am The Boyfriend™ and Troll-free today. In other words, I am blogging NAKED! OK, not really... there's still a fair amount of self-loathing floating around my psyche, so even though I could be wandering around the house naked, I won't.

Now that we've cleared that up.

I rolled out of bed around ten this morning and got right to work. A ginormous cup of Earl Grey tea (we're out of coffee... God help me!) and I'm already one load of laundry and one completed web site into my day. I have a long list of stuff I want to get done today... a long one... including working on my book about cooking. I'm backburnering the children's book at the moment, because I have a raging case of writer's block. It sucks, but I'm not going to let it hinder the entire creative process. Besides, if I get this other book done, maybe it'll motivate me to stab that ugly beast called writer's block in the throat and get working on finishing that children's book up.

In other news, the site is done as it's going to get right now. I'm pretty happy with it, even if I did use a template builder thingy. I'd rather have it looking polished and professional with someone else's template, than half-assing a site because I have no idea how to build one. I say use the tools that are available to you.

I'm feeling very excited about this year. A ton of stuff planned and I'm feeling fairly motivated to get it all done. Having a Monday off definitely helps with things. I wish I had enough PTO available at work to make sure I had EVERY Monday off... but that would also mean I'm a bad, bad manager. Priorities and what-not. But even the annoying things like having a day job are bringing me closer to my goals. Which is awesome.

Go check the site out and let me know what you think: Then check the shop out and buy some stuff already!

I have a few more ideas for photos-into-art in the hopper. It involves some traveling, but y'all know how much I love that. Stay tuned and keep the positive vibes flowing!

Love and namaste!

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