Thursday, April 21, 2011

And The Best Friend will always be two years older than me

It is my birthday today, and I spent a glorious day of doing whatever the hell I felt like doing-- which really wasn't all that much. I napped... A lot. I went out to lunch with my beloved, and got more birthday greetings than I could count on all my fingers and toes. It was a GOOD day.

It occurred to me that I was grateful for just the remembrance from family and friends, and didn't care that I didn't have minds and mounds of gifts to open. The gift of friendship and love from so many people reminded me how truly blessed I am, and all that love meant so very much more than all the gold in Fort Knox.

The thoughtfulness in the arrangement of flowers and 33 balloons from my mom, the book and camera that The Best Friend got me two months ago, the scrumptious edible arrangement from my ever thoughtful uncle John, and my Brion Box of goodies all delighted me to no end. Then gestures, so filled with love and thoughtfulness meant so much to me, that my heart is near to bursting with gratitude and love.

The Boyfriend gave me a kick ass Hindu yoga poster - ever aware of my passing and lasting fancies - and with it, gave me the gift of rearranging the house so that our energy can flow better. He's treated me like a princess all day and I have wallowed in his adoration and love.

Even The Trolls remembered my day, and sang happy birthday all the way to school. The Nugget, who tends toward misbehaving at school, suffered through being haved all day so he'd have a sticker to show me. The Monkey was disappointed that nobody got me a cake, because a person shouldn't have to buy her own cake on her birthday. I had to remind him that I'm allergic to eggs and really don't like cake all that much just so he'd stop worrying so much.

I am damn lucky. My nana's prophecy that 33 is a very good year to be is already in existence, already manifested. It IS a good year. With all this loving kindness, there isn't anything I can't do. Heck, there's even a meteor shower tonight, as if God said, "here. Make all the wishes you can think up, cuz I'm gonna grant 'em all."

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