Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Garden of Eatin'

This year I plan on checking some items off my life list. We started the whole "grow my own herbs and vegetables" items last year, basically to make sure we could. So, as soon as the last frost had passed, in went the seeds (because, with a little help from The Boyfriend, I didn't kill everything...thus, discovering a garden was possible).

Now my little seedlings are in the ground in my little kitchen garden. I spent the better part of the day moving bricks out of the patio & rearranging them to make room for the 3x3 garden. Soon, we'll be replanting the now empty pots, for the next round of veggies.

The Boyfriend said I did a good job - high praise from him. 

I rather enjoyed the solitude of plating, replanting and tending my verion of Eden. It was good quality time with my thoughts. 

Come to think of it, this particular life list item may have to stay on for a while. Happy check marks be damned. :)

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