Saturday, June 25, 2011

Two Year Plan... T-Minus 103 weeks

It has officially been one whole week and The Two Year plan is still going strong. The Boyfriend and I are sticking to our budget; making sure those tiny little details, like getting lunch ready the night before, are attended to and are keeping on track in general.

Speaking of tiny details... I just spent the last three or so hours making reusable snack and sandwich bags. I saw some at A2Z (a science and learning store) back home & thought they were just awesome. A bunch of research, $21 worth of lining material, and one instruction manual later, I made a whole mess of 'em for cheaper than I could've purchased them for! In the long run I'll also be saving money on sandwich bags (The Nugget needs lunches for camp) AND we're doing something good for the environment!

More and more The Two Year Plan feels exactly right. More and more I feel like my time in Florida is like living someone else's life for a short while. Days seem rather surreal and I feel like I'm only 1/2 present (mostly because my head is busy planning and plotting every move toward Two Year Plan success!). The surreality may have something to do with The Trolls still being in Massachusetts and my days not filled with the routine of caring for them.

But I try my best to still be present for them even when they're not here: football fabric for The Nugget's bags and buying ingredients for homemade organic snacks for when they come back. I miss my trolls immensely. Our time together as a family - The Trolls, The Boyfriend and me - really tuned me in to what my soul needs, and to those small things that make my children and beloved truly happy.

Every step we take from a week ago to two years from now brings us closer to living that soul deep happiness every day.

Keep the positive thoughts and love coming, my lovelies. I feel it working and immensely grateful for it.

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