Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mmm... Home grown deliciousness! Now with BURNING!

So, we reaped some of what we sowed to add to supper tonight. Excited? Yes we were! We even nibbled the end of one of the peppers, just to get a sample before the flavor was diluted.

It's eleventy seven bajillion degrees of HOT in Florida right now. So hot, in fact, Hell feels like an air conditioned oasis. So, needless to say, I'm sweating like a nun in a whore house.

When one sweats, one normally wipes away the torrent of beads streaming down the face. I am no exception. I should've been. The sample we tasted in our garden gave no hint of the sheer HOT contained in these peppers. All of a sudden the skin on my face felt like sulfuric acid had been pored on it! Holy egads!! All the burning made me sweat more! It was a hellish catch 22 practical joke.

So... The moral of the story is peppers are hot.

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