Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I also vomited up my sense of humor...and other graphic blog titles

So, I'm home sick right now, after having vomited up the entire contents of my digestive tract last night. No, I wasn't drunk, but thanks for asking.

Right now, I have some unexpected free time on my hands, while I'm waiting to see if I can keep the saltines down. I rather relish these middle of the week days off. Unexpected and, even if I'm sick, I have an extra 12 hours to use however I wish. The Trolls even got an extra day to use.

So, I've started journaling again, trying to clear a lot of the crap out of my head. There is a LOT of crap in my head. My mind chatters away at me constantly, like a tree full of monkeys. It gets noisy up in there. The journaling helps a great deal.

I want to get back to my life list and hammering that out. There's something extraordinarily gratifying about having goals and accomplishing them. Unfortunately, my adult onset ADD (self-diagnosed) keeps getting in my way. I've become quite the sewer lately. No, I don't know how, either.

Once I find the cable for my camera, I'll load up some new pictures of the paintings I've been working on, as well as my efforts at sketching without a pencil (a la Roz Stendahl...check her out. She's AMAZING!) then there's the garden (currently still in pots). I am utterly and completely amazed that I've been able to grow herbs and vegetables from SEEDS. Holla atcha girl!!

When our first harvest happens, I'll be throwing a harvest dinner party. Consider this your invitation.

In the mean time, between work and ADD, Ive been rather relishing my roll here. Well, relishing MOST of it. The fleas and endless piles of laundry I could do without. I think I took up sewing just so I wouldn't have to do laundry anymore, and making clothes is cheaper than buying them. Yet, I still haven't gotten around to fixing the hole in The Boyfriend's pants. Some home maker I am!

As much as I want to sit here and continue updating you about my very unexciting Life, I have few precious hours left to fill. I have the outline of a couple really kick ass blogs roughed out...about my battle of the little big flea and why freaks are better than normal people. Until then, I'm going to go sew. Or something.

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