Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Typos...I blame the iPad

So, my self-imposed move in date with The Boyfriend™ is next weekend, and I am so not going to make that. Well, I will if I somehow can magically fit 48 hours into a day. But that's about as likely as a Republican coming to his senses, so I will have to work with my limitations.

But I'm sort of de-motivated at the moment. I just finished taking down all the pictures in my living room and it's just so...bare. Depressing as all get out. Sad as it is, Its rather bittersweet letting this place go. It was my first honest-to-God adult apartment (that's pretty sad, too) and it was wholly mine. Well, mine and the complex's, but I digress...

I'm having a hard time finding the desire to get back out in the bare and echoing root finish what I started, so that I stay on task, so I'm hiding in my bathroom, blogging.

But all good change comes with its share of challenge and I guess I should get back out there and pack some more boxes before bed. I'll be so much happier that I did.

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