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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Have I mentioned that I love my camera phone app?

Roof top at work -- who knew it could be so artsy?

Marc -- he was not amused when I made him sit still for this

Dianne -- sweetheart and incredibly beautiful

Here's The Best Friend® looking like Meryl Streep

This is me -- The Best Friend® took it

A tree with some berries.

A rain gutter -- again, who knew a gutter could be art?!

I'm so in love with this app! During my lunch break, I can be artsy and it makes me feel TONS better about my 9 to 5. Not only that, but The Best Friend® finally feels like the artist she truly is, thus, is happier.

The world really looks a whole lot different and more enjoyable when you can look at it in a different frame.

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