Sunday, October 2, 2011

Soup for YOU!

I don't often like to brag on myself. More often than not, I am so racked with insecurity that I can't or won't admit that I have any kind of talent or gift to offer, and that whatever it is that I happened to create was pure luck.

Except when it comes to soups. That is one arena that I am absolutely proficient in. Dare I say that I excel at soup? Yes. Yes, I do.

The weather in Florida has given us a tiny window of cool weather respite, and it actually feels like fall. Fall, in my opinion, is perfect soup weather. Tonight, We're having corn chowder (a recipe I've adapted enough from the original that I feel comfortable enough to post as a fearlessly phobic cooking entry), but I couldn't resist making a pot of creamy tomato soup. This batch will be going in the freezer for later, so we have a ready meal when our window of cool weather lasts longer than a weekend.

Mmmm... Soup!

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