Monday, April 23, 2012

Wow! I have been away for far too long! ~ Updates

My birthday was just this past Saturday. There is one thing that holds true, especially the older I get: time goes by faster with each passing minute. There are just not enough seconds in a minute, minutes in an hour, hours in a day and days in a week to get it all done.

Speaking of done: there is a TON of stuff going on these days.We'll be moving this summer. The Nancarita and Papa are buying a new house and selling us their old one. So that's nice. And don't go thinking that this is going to make me comfortable and take LONGER to realize my two year plan. Uh-uh. That's not going to happen... this is just a stepping stone to the bigger picture.

What it DOES mean is more space, a studio I can close cats and trolls out of, trolls with their own bedrooms and The Boyfriend™ with a man cave. It means a bigger yard for gardening and a pool for cooling off after work in. It means a shorter commute and less craziness, so more time for my creative biz.

Speaking of my creative biz, about two weeks late, but new items have been posted in the Etsy shop:

Go forth! Purchase! Y'all really need to help me quit my day job!

We just finished up FCAT season here in Florida. I have a blog planned for later this week wherein I chastise the Florida Department of Education and their asinine expectations when it comes to this test, while simultaneously singing the praises of The Nugget's teacher.

 I plan on spending more time here, in this space, paying it the attention its due. I've also been spending a fair amount of time on Pinterest (cuz it's a blast) and getting over my self-loathing by posting some of my pics, art and products on there. Surprisingly, I'm getting a fair following! And for that, I am immensely grateful. You can check me out there, too:

I've been drawing a fair amount of inspiration from there, from some really talented folks. It always amazes me the world we live in. There are days when I wonder how it got this bad, but then I hop on to Pinterest, or check out my favorite blogs, like and am reminded that the world is also full of awesome.

I have to get cracking on dinner, so I'm going to cut this update short. But tell me: how have you been these days? What's new and exciting in your corner of the world?

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